MFK 700 Trim Router

The Festool MFK 700 is a precision trim router for finishing edge banding or edge routing. Nothing compares to its power, ease of use, and near dust-free operation. The router base is extremely wide for improved stability in edge forming applications, working near an edge, or working on narrow stock.

Precision engineering and micro depth adjustments make this trim router a necessity to achieve the perfect edge when routing edge banding.

Precisely Routed Edges

The MFK 700 Trim Router features depth of cut micro-adjustment with increments of 1/256th of an inch with each tick on the knob. This type of precision means that you can dial in the perfect height for the router bit, which reduces rework and finishing. Achieve remarkably smooth and flush edges on your workpiece in record time.

Festool offers round over router bits specifically for 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm for edge banding applications.

Bearing Brake

The base of the MFK 700 Trim Router features a bearing brake. This removeable brake prevents the bearing on the router bit from spinning, which can burn or damage your edge banding.

The ultra-smooth phenolic resin base prevents damage to the surface of your material. The base is also designed to make working with bevels and odd shapes an easy process.

Quick. Easy. Clean.

Making adjustments to the MFK 700 Trim Router is quick and easy with its tool-free design. Quick router bit changes can be done with the spindle lock, which means you only need a single wrench.

Dust extraction ports on the machine keep your work space virtually dust-free, which is a must when working in a client's home.


Drive Shaft Speed 10,000 - 26,000 RPM
Max. Bit Diameter 1" (26mm)
Power consumption 720 watts / 6.0 amps
Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
Includes Product No. 574 456
MFK 700 Trim Router
Vertical Router Base
1/4" Collet
8mm Collet
Plug-It Power Cord
Systainer T-LOC SYS 2
Price See Pricing

* Metric dimensions binding.