CONTURO Edge Banding Station

Do you edge band a lot of small pieces or bevels?

Combine the CONTURO Edge Bander with the Festool MFT/3 Work Table to process small work pieces and to edge band bevels. The CONTURO can be quickly inserted and removed from the work table without any tools. The mounting bracket has preset detents for common angles.

Applying edge banding to beveled pieces is a breeze with the CONTURO MFT/3 Table.

Perfect For Small Work Pieces

Using the CONTURO Edge Bander in its handheld configuration would make working on small pieces difficult when there's little surface area to sit the machine on. The MFT/3 CONTURO Table lets you easily move small work pieces past the machine. This gives you greater control and improves the results.

Quick Setup

Setting up the CONTURO Edge Bander in the MFT/3 Table is quick and easy. Just slide the machine into the mounting bracket until it clicks into place. To remove the machine, use the two green tabs to release it from the mounting bracket.


Table Dimensions 45-1/2" to 30-7/16" (1157 x 773mm)
Table Height 35-7/16" (900mm)
Bracket Range 0° to 47°
Weight 63.8 lbs (29kg)
Includes Product No. 500 869
MFT/3 CONTURO Work Table
Table Insert Bracket
Plastic Guide Plates
Cross Members for Added Stability
Price See Pricing

* Metric dimensions binding.